Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stop the CUDDLING!

After all the sad losses this week with our DWB friends, all mom has wanted to do is sit at home and cuddle with us!! And I hate cuddling! (Except of course with my hottie lady- that's divine)

Anyhoo she has been a real house mouse this weekend. She got up real early, went to the grocery store, and after that it's been a Mom, Paris, Lilly, Ming & Mack fest!

Now, don't get me wrong, I really like to be with my mom, but I just don't like to cuddle with people. It's so unnatural! I love giving her sugars, but when she pets on me, it messes up my 'do and stuff.

And of course Lilly loves to be pet and held and Mom is FOREVER saying "Mack, why can't you be more like Lilly?" So then Lilly (predictably) says "See, mom does like me best cause I'm the best, blah, blah, blah."

Paris will tolerate being pet, but she is too squirmy to be held for any length of time, unless she is getting ready to nap, then mom says she is a real cuddle bunny.

Mom has also been taking a lot of pictures lately too. Here's some of the sillier ones:

And here's some pics of the old tree next to our fence - it's where I like to hide when I see mom is starting to get cuddly:

Dang it - I think she sees me - gotta run!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I've been a verrrrrrry bad boy

I nearly gave my mom (and dad) a heart attack!

Monday night mom was watching her favorite (stupid) show, A&E's Intervention, when Lilly came up to her and said Where's Mack??

Mom said I was probably taking my usually 8PM dump outside. Lilly said "Uh Uh I just got back from teetling and he ain't nowheres out there".

Mom wasn't too worried (yet), so she got up and went out back and I wasn't there. She looked in the garage and I wasn't there. She looked under the pear tree. No Mack.

Then she called for Dad to come help her. He got his flashlight and they searched the property, but still no Macky! They went inside and looked in all the bedrooms, in the walk-in closets and I wasn't there!!

Mom then noticed Ming (our 'mese) had her back all hunched up and was trying to hide between the dresser and nightstand in one of the bedrooms.

Dad took his flashlight and looked under the bed - guess who was there! ME!

I had escaped into the hallway to try and steal kitty's food (and of course grab a couple litter box treatsies).

THEN, Ming sees me tasting her food and gets all indignant and scratched my nose and I run underneath the bed and hide! Her needly fingers hurt, dang it!

Mom isn't too happy with Paris, either. Mom kept asking her "Where's Mack, Where's Mack, Take us to Mack" and this was her response:

Anyway, I got some jail time

I was released early on good behaviour.

Then the next day I pooped ALL over the living room!

So I am in the doghouse with mom and dad. I am trying to look SOOOO pitiful so they will forgive me. Keep your dewclaws crossed it will work!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dreamin' Part II

Today I've been dreaming again...of course about my beautiful Ruby, but also about living in Alaska or Greenland or somewhere equally as cold:

It is sooooo hot here and the humidity is always at 100%. Even Paris has slowed down her squirrel hunting. (She's back, btw). Here's a pic of her just waking up this morning.
She said she had a dream too. She said she won the Most Beautiful Cocker Spaniel that has Ever Lived and That Will Ever Be Born beauty pageant. Oh brother......

Thursday, June 19, 2008


It's been absolutely fabulous (a shout out to my British friends) at my house while Blondie has been playing Paris Nightingale over at Stani's place. I can rest in peace,

And Dad and I have been playing peek-a-boo Mackypoo without any interference from you know who,
And best of all we are celebrating our 100th post today!! Here's me doing my happy dance :

We had beef, lamb and several cakes to celebrate :


Too bad you couldn't be here to celebrate this monumentous event Paris!

Wait a second, what's this I feel in my heart???? Could it is...I am actually ....missing ....Paris.....

Hurry up and come home Paris-we miss you!

I am saving a pawty favor for you Sissy!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nurse Paris calling!

Hello everybody. Paris Rain here. I can't chat long - I've got to take the next train to see my Stani Mani. You see, he has been feeling a little under the weather and I must go and make him all better. You may not know this about me but I am a nurse.

I graduated last year from M.I.T. (Mutts In Training). I was Suma cum loudly. Anyhowl, Stani, my love I will be there shortly. I just have to pack a bag (with chicken jerky) and I will be there quick as a wink. Hopefully these glamour shots of me will hold you till I get there:

Mack here - Paris I think you probably should stay till you are sure Stanislaw is 100% better - at least a couple months.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Ten points to anyone who guesses who I wish I was napping with.

Yep I'm kinda sleepy - just taking it easy today.

Mom says Lilly and I (and Paris too) all better get along or there's gonna be no more treats!

She made us some home-made frosty paws with Peanut Butter just to "encourage" us to be nice to each other.

Okay. I'm gonna TRY and be nice!

Friday, June 13, 2008

You better watch out B Boy!

Lilliana Fuentes here. I firstly want to thank you all for the wonderful sweet comments left on our blog yesterday in response to Mack's idiotic post about me not having a date for my reunion. Well, excuse me Mr. Blockhead, I have got the most eligible bachelor in town as my date! He is a Mexican hairless who is H O T let me tell you that.

Do I have to remind you I am one hot tamale? Just look at this face:
And have you ever been the centerfold in a magazine (like me)?? I think not.

And by the way your head is SQUARE. Here's the evidence:

And your tail doesn't work like mine.

Yeah mine can wag. And it's not stuck to my butt like yours.

So you B#$#*@! Boston boy you better watch it!!

It's Friday the 13th and I know VOODOO!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Can I have your attention GUYS!!!

Well it's really been boring around here except last night Lilly's Aunt Prunella came to visit:

OKAY MOM I'LL STOP!!! I'm only kidding!!

Speaking of Lilly, I need to ask a favor of you boy dogs out there. See Lilly's 97th senior high school class reunion is gonna be next weekend and she needs a date!

Lilly is a pretty sweet old gal.....well... she is tolerable and I owe mom a bunch of favors. I figure if I get her a date for the reunion this'll knock out about 1000 of them.

Any takers?

Here are some recent pics:

She posed for this mag in 1977:

And if you go with her to the reunion I'm gonna give you a nifty T-shirt that says this: