Sunday, October 16, 2011

An Only Child .....For a Day

Hola! Tia Lilly here. I have to tell you about what a wonderful fantastic day yesterday was. Mack and Paris went to the spa and I had my mom to myself for the whole day! (Well till 2 PM anyway).
It was totally awesome! First up Mom let me help her with her lunch:
I was happy to help moma!
Whoaa--that is a huge piece of cheese -- but I can handle it though.
I got a whole eighth of a hard boiled egg white. A whole eighth!!

Even the birdy was enjoying the other doggies being gone!!

Mom and I took a nap after lunch, then after that I protected her from the evil people who came to clean the A/C.

2 O'clock came pretty fast. But just making fun of Paris' new haircut made it all better!
She went and hid under the covers!!!!

But Mack didn't change much....
He's still the messiest mess ever !

PS: Feliz Cumpleanos Mamma!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Need Your Opinion

.....about a very important subject matter. My hair. Do you think I should keep it long and flowing and sexy and gorgeous like this? Mom is threatening to take me to the groomers and I just don't see the point. So what do you think?

PS: My sources tell me Tia Lilly is "working" on another "totally make-believe" story. I'm counting the seconds (not).

Cocker kisses!!
Paris Rain