Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Vibes Needed Pwease!

Hi everybody. Well my wonky eye is not healing like it should so mom took me to an eye specialist today. I need all the good vibes, prayers, purrayers, and healing sugars you can send! They will be very much appreciated!
Doc said it WASN'T my fault (hear that mom?) that I have an ulcer on my cornea. He said my tear ducts are wonkified. That's the medical term. Anyhoo he gave me three different eye drops and one bottle of pain pills, which taste TERRIBLE! I hope I will be getting some ice cream to chase that sucker down.
Mom wanted me to ask you what kind of E-collar do you recommend. I am guilty of rubbing my eyes a little and the doctor said that was a big no-no.

So we go back to see Dr Swanson in a week. He's an okay guy, but I prefer not to be poked and prodded thank you very much.

In much, much happier news look see what we WON:

It was from Charlie's Raffle and we were so surprised when it came in the mail! We didn't even know we had won! Thank you so much Mollie Jo and BoBo. It is beautiful!

And can you tell what's on our table in the pic below:

Can you tell now?:
YES! Cheeseburgers! And we're doing it for Joe Stains, and Tanner and Steeeeeeve!! All in their honor.

Oh, and mom's been threatening me when my eye ordeal is over she's gonna start taking me to classes at PetSmart! It's like manners 101 for pooches. Like I need that.
She says I need the exercise and socialization and stuff. I get all the exercise I need stirring up dirt in the yard after I do #2.

Well, that's all from the Mackman for now!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can I Be Your Lady Mango?

Paris Rain here! I bet you thought that was Mack! BOL!

Mango, I would SO love to be your date! You are one dreamy fellow.

I sure do hope you like this video I made just for you. PS: I don't have fleas.

If that didn't sway you in my direction, let me tell you a few things about me you might find very interesting:

1. I like to eat poo.

2. My tail looks like a fuzzy hot dog (per Mack).

3. I met my mom at the local PetSmart Cocker adoptathon. It was love at first sight. (for her)

4. Sometimes my dad says I smell like a musty rug

5. I like to rub my butt all over the floor

6. # 4 & #5 means it's time to go to the groomers - which I love.

7. I am long and lean.

8. And blonde

So whaddya say Big Boy?

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Eye's Gone all Wonky!

How was everybody's weekend? Mine was horrible. First thing Saturday morning mom gets my harness on me and I'm all excited and everything and thinking I'm gonna get to go the bark park without Paris. Wrong. We went to the V-E-T. At least this one's not evil like my last one. Anyway, mom's been noticing me pawing at my eye and closing it a lot. Come to find out I have an ulcer in my right eye! Lordy! So the doctor gave mom two tubes of oinkment and made another appointment with the vet for this Thursday to check on my wonky eye.

It only gets worse from there. While we were at said vet, the tech just happened to mention she had a boxful of boxer puppies in the back. She offered to bring them up front so mom could see them. Lady! Now all mom is talking about is how much she wants a boxer and how cute they were. All the while I am standing on the ground waiting to go home, with a HUGE labramess right beside, looking at me like I was his brunch!

Well, my story doesn't end there. You know who else has a wonky eye? Paris Rain! She got hers before she came to live with us. Hers is permanent and required surgery. Seems like an evil kitteh scratched her eyeball. She better not start calling me a copy cat or anything!

(Mom says it's kinda hard to get a good pic of Paris' wonky eye. It's her left one. At least mine is my right)

Not done yet!

The 'rents went out for Chinese yesterday and look what mom's fortune was:

So I guess this means this whole week's gonna be about eye medication, cuddles, kisses and another trip to the vet.

Wake me up when it's over!

Friday, June 17, 2011

DON'T Go To This Booth!

Well it is picnic time here in DWB. We did our Bobbing-For-Tubesteaks last weekend (Really, I wish my mom would learn how to read a calendar)
and the surprise winner was old lady Lilly. I think Kitty had it right when she said we Boston's have a very unfair disadvantage with our short snouts! And a lot of people asked if Lilly was really 18 anos. Yes she is. Every day of it.
But anyhoo, just wanted to WARN everybody who goes to the picnic to STAY AWAY from Lilly's Nail Spa booth. There have been some very unhappy customers who have threatened legal action.
Here's proof why you shouldn't get your nails done there:


However, I must mention Paris' all-you-can-eat rabbit treat stand is doing quite well.

Well we've had a visitor at Mack's Mess. Mom won't let me give him any Macky sugars cause she says I might get a little too "friendly".

Here's me being being upset cause mom let the birdy use my pool. Which I don't like and never use, but that's beside the point.

His Mommy lives in the big old Oak tree in our front yard. He finally figured out how to get back to his nest.

See ya at the picnic this weekend!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My First-Ever Picnic!

Hola amigos! Today was about the best day EVER! Can you believe I (Lilliana) am 18 years young and have never been to a picnic before??? It was AWESOME! Sarge and Frankie Furter are hosting it. It's all day today and manana.

You've got to come and experience the fun! There's a rumor that Frankie's mom is baking 87-1/2 batches of her famous chicken liver brownies. They are pretty much world famous.
Anyway, We just got back from the Bobbing for Tubesteak Contest and I have never ever had so much fun!

CAUSE I WON FIRST PLACE at the Mack'sMess division!!! Eat my dust gringos! Here's the recap:

Okay, coming in at third place in Paris. She was just a total dud at this:

Mack, in second place, was a little braver. What mom didn't catch on video was Mack actually retrieving a piece of tubesteak. But not nearly as fast as me.

And the winner is ME!

I am awesome!

Stay tuned for Part II...........

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We're Not Lion...

...It's HOT here!! Weatherdude says it might get up to 102 today. OMD! Plus we always have around 100% humidity, so mom is always looking for ways to get us some exercise indoors.
She bought this silly puppet and expects me to play with it? In this video, all I want her to do is SHUT THAT THING UP! (you may want to mute this!)

"I want Stupid Frog to DIE"

Going for the throat via it's leg.
Did you hear Juana in the background trying to suck up to mom?

Okay, enough of that!!
In other exciting news,

The winner to our "Where did Mack get his name from" contest is...........

The Slimmer Pugs!!!

They guessed I was named after this:

Mom will be sending some green papers to the ASPCA in their honor! Good guess puggums!

Everydoggy, stay cool and drink plenty of water!! It is hotter than Hades (as my great-granny used to say!)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rest in Peace, My Hero

We are so sad to report this morning that our dear friend Joe Stains has passed away.
We'll see you again Mr. Stains in a much better place.
The blog world will never be the same.