Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Award! And One I Made Up!

Thank you Miss Hailey!! You are such a great pal!!

Here's da rules:

Enjoy writing your "10" item's about you; list your 15 furiends and happy posting!1. Please thank the dog who gave this award to you and link to them.2. Name 10 (yes 10) things about yourself. Try to be as creative as possible.3. Pass this special award onto 15 doggie bloggers. It doesn't matter whether they are old or new. I believe all furends deserve this and can't be denied just because you have known them for a while or not.4. Comment on the new receivers of this award's blog to let them know of the love. 5. And the most important: HAVE FUN!!!

OK - 10 things which you may not know about the Mackman:

1. I am an escape artist! Mom is constantly worrying about me "running away" Heehee
2. I SO bad want to sample eggs and weiners.
3. I don't like to go out and do bidness when it rains.
4. When Paris and I first met we hated each other.
5. I secretly want a tattoo of Ruby's name. I want to incorporate my belly spots to spell it out.
6. I LOVE my gwandma and show her by nipping her hands when she comes over.
7. My mom will leave the Food Network or the Weather Channel on TV when she goes back to work after lunch
8. I am a Daddy's boy and will cuddle with Dad before I cuddle with mom.
9. I was in a band once, Bubba McBeans and the Beans Brothers. My mom Emily (May she rest in peace) was the singer and Lilly was the bass player. I was on keyboards.
10. Mom's nicknames for me are ^&%$% and ^&*%$. I can't repeat Dad's.

I would like to pass this distinguished award to:

Ares - A Fellow BT
Miss M - A prim and proper pittie
Josie - a cute puggy girl
Quinn - who needs some extra healing sugars for his ouchie
Phantom - who is also on the mend
Edgar - The newest member of the Peppy Sheppy pack
Lorenza - The Mexican Beauty
Ike - The SBD Master
Peanut - A handsome boxer dude
Lola - Every day is Pei Day over at her place!
Tucker - Big Boy Extraordinaire
Juno &
Loki - The two newest residents of Switzerland
Maggie & Mitch - Two super awesome Airedales.

Drum roll please...............

Introducing the one and only Dead Cow Parts award - Made by none other then Moi!


The recipient of this award means more to me than all the dead cow part noms out there. And boy, that is a whole lot!

I would love to pass it on to:

JD & Max - True heroes.
Asta - My furriend from NY
Beans - My English buddy
Frankie - My new dachshund friend (with TWO wives!)
GingerJasper - My Kitteh friend across the pond
JrBaby & Orion - More kittehs!!
Katie - Who reminds me sooo much of my Emily.
Ben & Lily - Two fabulous Frenchies
PeeWee - Not so little labradude
Kitty - The cutie. But not a kitteh
Khyra & her cuz Merdie Two beautiful gals who are terrific bloggers
Calliegirl - A true red-head
Mayzie - My newest friend

The rules of passing this on are: THERE AIN'T NONE!!
So if you would like to pass it on please do, if not well that's good too!

Okay that is my longest post ever. Time for naps!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Weekend

We had a pretty decent weekend. Nothing overly exciting:
Mom gave us some dead cow parts and that was pretty awesome

I played chase the bubbles (Apparently the girls don't like this game)

I found one of mom's old tennis shoes and started to destroy it. Did you know these things make excellent toys??

I helped mom make dinner (as usual)

Paris and I gave Mr. F.N.Stein a good thrashing about

(Please excuse my butt in this pic)

Lilly had too many Dos Equis

We sure do hate to see the weekend end.

How was yours??

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Mom say's I'm trouble.

Is that a bad thing? Or not ?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

International Help-Your-Shelter Day

....is this Saturday! Our new pals Bocci & Tank have all the details. So go to your local shelter and make a donation. It will feel soooooo good!!

And I want your opinion on something. Everybody says I look so much like my Auntie Maxine. I just don't see the resemblance.

Do you??

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am Green with Jelly C

You will NEVER believe what my mom did this weekend -- she babysat another dog and KAT!
My cousin Sheila's peeps went out of town so OF COURSE my mom had to volunteer to look after them.

Here's Sheila - she comes from a land down under. (Does everybody there have red pupils?) She's a pretty nice senior lady, I guess.

And here's a pic of her matching kitty sistah Lilu:

Take a look at Lilu's condo - WTM!~!! I don't have a condo!
I would really love a house like that. Anyhoo, mom went on and on and on about how sweet Sheila was. And what pretty "feathers" she has.

Mom said there was a "Phantom of the Opera dog" next door to Sheila. I bet I can sing better than him...

Here's a pic of Sheila's birdy sister Kiwi's grave

And here's a video of me about to cry because I feel so neglected:

Guys, how long should I give her the cold shoulder???

Thursday, August 12, 2010

That Rain

And I don't mean the wet stuff that falls from heaven. Paris actually thought I kidnapped her "baby"!??!!...I was just babysitting...sure, that's it. I figured she needed some help with her mothering duties. Wow, she is a strange one. Plus I taught Chloe some of my Mackman trade secrets and now she is an honorary BT.

Anyhoo, I have to tell you about this GREAT award I got. It's from Miss Molly!

It says I am a versatile blogger! Wow - thank you Miss Molly!! The rules state I have to share 7 things about me and then pass the award on. Hmm. Ok here goes:

1. I don't like water. Does any BT out there? I think if we were meant for water we would have been given longer legs. And longer noses.

2. Given the chance, I like to sleep under the covers, or a bwankie if mom kicks me off the bed.

3. Dad's nickname for me is "Tubby", but he should know by now, it's all muscle.

4. Mom started wanting a BT when she babysat my neighbor, Minnie (who was 8 pounds and loved to cuddle).

5. I suck at online games (Prolly the no thumbs thing)

6. I am a momma's boy but I don't want anybody (especially my Ruby) to know about it. Dang it, the cats outta the bag!

7. I was suppose to be a boxer. Mom was gonna give Dad a boxer for his birthday, but she couldn't find any in our area for sale at the time. So here I am!


I would like to pass along this award to my bloggy pals that I haven't heard from in a while, and I really do miss them:

1.Petra Pot Pie - Remember when I first started calling you that?? You were no bigger than a Marie Calendar's.

2. Martha - I know another BT that misses you too.

3. Tito - Another BT I miss hearing from

4. Murphy - Yet another BT on the most wanted list. I sure hope his 'rents are doing okay, cause they are some super punk people!

5. BP & Stanislaw -Paris gets excited whenever she hears from you.

6. Ben - The Rottie. I know we all miss this gentle giant a lot

7. Oscar, Tucker & Tinkerbell - Hope you guys are alright. We would love to hear from you.

8. Archie - One of the best bully boys you're gonna find anywhere.

9. Hector & Lola - I think they went out of business. (Bloggy speaking, of course)

10. Cooper - Still another BT

11. Maggie & Opal - I hope it's just that they are busy with their new baby brother.

12. Sunny & Scooter - Let us know when you get all settled in, K?

13. Cairo - Hopefully you are busy with your new babysitter responsibilities too.

14. Bella - Another Boxermess who I miss. (I think she also has been busy with a new two legger)

15. Cricket,Sparky and Ginger - Hope all is well for these poochies too!

**********Guys, if you are reading this - give us a shout !!**************

And here's some pics for your entertainment:

You think her eyes look evil -well, they ain't got nothing' on her breath

The Mackman

Her majesty sunning herself

Have a great weekend every doggie!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby Chloe's been Flamingo-Napped!!!

Or is it Boston Butt-napped?? I don't know! All's I can say is I am so worried about my new baby. Paris Rain here. You see my sweetest bloggy friends eveh, Quinn & Siku Marie played storky and gave me a new baby! The other day, after I changed Chloe's diaper, we were both settling down to a well deserved nap (Who knew baby fl'amos woke up every 2 hours??).

Anyway after a couple or so hours, I woke up only to find baby was missing!

But that's not the worst part!! Look at these pics I found on Mack's I-phone:

OH MY DOG! He stole Chloe while we were sleeping!!! And even Tia Lilly seems to be in on it! What is this cat eat cat world coming too??

And this next pic just breaks my heart!!

He's trying to get her to nurse!! It won't work you big lug! She only eats a special flamingo pablum.

!!QUICK -- somebody get me the number to Interpol!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Christmas in August!

When mom came home last night, there was a pressie box on our front porch. Hurry mom, open it up!
It's from our new pals Siku Marie & Quinn!!
Lilly was all "Can I be first to read the letter that came with it - since I am the oldest and stuff??"
Do I get a turn mom?
What an awesome note from our new pals! Guys you sure didn't have to - but we're so glad you did. BOL!!

First outta the box was some salmon treats!! This is definitely Christmas in August!
Our mouths were watering in this pic!

Bonies!!! Need I say more??!
Look at old greedy pants!! I think mom needs to give her a spanking. What do you think??
And I brand new tennie bally!!

These are perfect for playing inside when the weather's 100 degrees plus!

Lilly has claimed this as her own. I'll think about it.

Oh my dog! Paris has claimed this one too? Hold on there sis....

HaHa! Got it back got it back!

That's right Parasite, this one's mine!

Mom says Paris HAS TO have this one because she loves loves her babies and treats them like they were her puppies. Boy she is weird.

THANK YOU Siku Marie & Quinn so much!! It was so very generous and thoughtful of you!