Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bed Time Stories With Tia Lilly

Good evening my sleepy time amigos! Tia Lilly here. I hope you enjoy tonight's story.

Our characters tonight are a set of sibling ne’r do wells who were spoiled rotten by their momma, while their beautiful senior citizen aunt (who took care of them wholly) was left to fend for herself.

Our tail starts off with the evil Max, a slow witted boy who was handed everything in life on a silver platter. He and his ditzy sister Maris entered a contest where the participants guessed how many Milky Bones were in a hoooge jar. The winner got to take the jar of MB’s home. Well, fat boy, I mean Max was so over fed he couldn’t waddle himself down to the local petstore to count the bones! So he got his ex-convict sister Maris to go down to the place and steal the jar so she could bring it back home and they could take as long as they wanted to count the bones. They promised each other they would return the Milky Bone jar just as soon as they were confident they had that magic number. Well, their clever aunty, Tia Rosalita, overheard them and called the police just as fast as her itty bitty feet could take her to the phone. The cops came to their house and gave them a good talking to. Blockhead boy and Airhead girl both starting crying and ran to their momma and the beautiful aunty had a great big old laugh!! Ha ha ha ha!!

So children, the moral of the story is : when you are planning a crime, ALWAYS do it in secrecy. Sleep good ninos!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's All About Me

....this post is anyway!!

Here's a couple of videos mom took when she came home from work this afternoon. Please forgive the mess. She's a very messy person.

The first one is mom trying to give me sugars. I'm like lady don't you know I only let the ladies kiss me? Geesh....

Secondly here's me trying to catch those pesky RLB's (Red Light Bugs):

Have a great night!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Did you Forget About Us??

I sure hope not!!! Mom has just been so "busy" with her hummingbirds and cardinals and nonsense like that. She is really getting very lax about my blog. NOT GOOD! So please forgive me if we have been MIA, it is all mom's fault. Anyhoo, things are about the same here. I went to my eye specialist last week and he said my eye was looking real good, and I don't have to go back for another six months! Woot! Oh yeah, I really have to APOLOGIZE for the mishap at the Boston Butt club last week. I had NO idea Lilly would show up with some Mexican fireworks which are completely BANNED during our awful drought! I promise I will reimburse all bail monies!! Geesh Lilly!

Speaking of the devil, mom took some videos of Miss Thing #1. We want to ask you: Is this anyway a dignified 19 year old acts????

And Thing #2?? We all know she is not an adorable cuddle bunny, but a closet Rage Monkey!

Don't worry - pics of me coming up soon!!!