Monday, January 24, 2011

Miss Sasquatch

Would you just look at this mess. I don't know what is weirder: mom thinking Paris can wear a size medium sock, or a 20 pound cocky spaniel with feets this big--

Mom thought Paris might benefit from wearing some socks to help with her itchy feet. But why on earth she thought she could EVER fit into Medium size footwear is beyond me. So we're having a give-a-way. The first blogger to want these sockers just email our mom at kullerd(at)cmaaccess(dot)com with your address, ok???! And she'll send em on over. They will definitely fit a medium size doggie's feet nice and snuggly, but just make sure your medium size dog has medium size feet!

And here's a couple of pics of me being precious:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our New Food

...for now at least is this:
and this:
and for treats sometimes we get Chicken jerky:
Even though she is tiny, Lilly finishes hers off first!
Well, maybe I'm a little quicker!And Paris is soooo slow!

Mom also supplements miss Thing's dindins with this:

So we just want to THANK everyone so much for their input! Mom says if this doesn't stop Paris' itchies we're gonna try Blue Buffalo dry next!!

It has been so boring around our place. We've been doing a lot of this:

and this:

and also this:

mom's says that's a good thing sometimes!

Now I'd like to pose another question for my bloggin buddies:
Green or Blue??????

Friday, January 7, 2011

Quicky Question

Mom is thinking about changing Big Foot's (Paris Rain's) dry kibble and wanted some advice from some great doggie owners such as yourselves. Miss Thing is forever licking her paws and word is that grain-free is the way to go. Mom did some research (when she was supposed to be working) and found a couple of brands were well-tolerated for itchy pooches: A Taste of the Wild and Blue Buffalo. Any body like these? Also, do any of you out there have any special products that have worked on (big) itchy dog foots? Mom says "THANKS!"


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oh those Ladies

Well we found Paris Rain. She had a spa day and came home nekkid. Then proceeded directly to dad's man cave room and started rummaging through the trash! She was put in time out for a while.

But that ain't nothin'. Lilly made the headlines. Thank dog I had some extra bones that week for bail money:
You may have to biggify.

Here I am hanging my head in shame:

I am hoping 2011 brings less jail time for the gals.