Friday, July 30, 2010

Important News from Tejas!

Finally it's Friday!!

Hey, our good pals JD & Max, those wild and crazy schnauzeroonies, have come up with the most PAWESOME idea we've seen in a long time!

They are setting up an auction house to help Team Shelby! WoOt!

Go here for all the details. This is going be B I G !!

So start looking around your place for all those items you'd like to donate, and also keep in mind Christmas is coming up too!

And in other news.....

Mom found this pic of me that sorta looks like I'm biting Lily's butt! BOL!

And here is solid
photographic proof that aliens are indeed on this planet:

Does anyone have the number to the Enquirer?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday at the Dog Show

Well not for me, but I still like it when mom goes cause she buys stuff for us to last the whole year.

Here I'm showing mom I desperately need some new toys. Somehow mine got all chewed on and dirty - you know Paris did it.
"Mommy, pwease oh pwease oh pwease bring me some pressies home, okay"??

Do I have to get all teary eyed on you???

This is me when she came home! Yikes, goodies galore!

Plus, she had some very interesting (and somewhat suspicious) doggy smells on her. Certainly she wouldn't pet other doggies, you think?

She said this Newfy was goofy. Well not really. She said he was soft and cuddly and sweet,
and gave her tons of sugars. Okay mom I see where you're going with this....

There were a couple a post surgery patients there too:

Mom said she just knows M&M are better behaved than this guy! She said he never stopped moving, thus the bad pic!
Rott butt!
This is the Mastiff Rescue booth. Mango, did you know you are a Texas Chihuahua??

It's a Dennis Dog! And he's sticking his tongue out at mom! BOL! (PS: That white splotch is a pressie mom bought for my babe!)
A think that guy is tired!

And I'll save the best pics for last...
Hi Mona!!
Mom went on and on about how pretty and sweet Mona was in her kissing booth! Just look at that smile!

Okay, gotta go and chew on my kneecap! (well what once was a cow kneecap).

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You Guys Rock!!!

..For helping Shelby!!!! We raised $133 Green Papers that will go toward her medical fund. WoOt!!

And what was that mystery movie??

It was Twilight, but there were some awesome other guesses too!

Thanks for everybody who played along - we had tons of fun and made so many new friends!

And it's totally not too late to help Shelby.

This link will take you right to Shelbypoo's paypal account

Go Team Shelby!

(And Team Edward!)

Monday, July 19, 2010



We, at Mack's Mess, are having a (hopefully) HUGE fund raiser for our dear friends, Mona & The Pittie Pack's new friend Shelby!! WoOt!

For every bloggy comment we receive between now and Wednesday night we will donate a dollar to Shelby's medical fund!
For every correct answer to the mystery question we will donate 2 greeners! (Question, later!)

You see Shelby is a beautiful pittie girl who was used to fight other doggies. Now she is not in such great condition. But thanks to Mona's Mommy and the Pittie Pack Mommy, she is a alive and is gonna make it! But she has a looooong way to go. She is heartworm positive, has terrible skin problems, has lost an eye....we could go on and on! Please go to Mona's bloggy to read all about her story.

Anyhoodle, here is the question that is gonna bring in BIG bucks for Miss Shelbymess:

What movie did my old mom just now see that has been all the rage for years?

(I know the answer, I know the answer!!!)

And as we say here in Texas during elections:
Vote early and vote often!!
Also, get all your friends to drop by. Even if it's to say Mack you are the biggest mess I've ever seen! It'll help Shelby!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Neighbors

I sure hope their doggies are as well behaved as us!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

On my To-Do List

Eat a sandwich (by myself) that's bigger than me!

Anybody with me on that??

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mid-Week Sillies

Hello everyone! Are you like me and get really bored and feel all blah by the middle of the week?

If so, I hope these pics from LOL Dogs brighten your day. Enjoy!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Three Things

Hey fellow bloggeroonis! Sorry I haven't been around too much; I've been extremely busy helping mom! I've been helping her with her baking & cooking (note flour on forehead & nose):

And also I've been helping her with my sleepervising. Man, I hope I get extra kibble for all my hard work!

First off, we got a TON of rain from Hurricane Alex. This is what our backyard looked like Friday afternoon:

Jenny & Bella's yard was even worse:
The water is all gone now.
Secondly, we would like to thank Kitty + Coco for sharing a new treat idea with our mom. Look what she found at the store the other day:

Lilly is all like, "well let me taste it and see if I like it...."

Paris thinks she is such a delicate lady with exquisite manners(HA!)

I say Give it to me NOW!

Mom even tried it for herself. Shameful woman - these are OUR treats!

Thank you Kitty & Coco!

Lastly, Paris is NEKKID again!!

Sheesh, you don't have to attack me just cause I called you nekkid, I could have said

Mom, protect me please....