Monday, March 31, 2008

Guilty Monday Treat #1

We all really, really dislike Mondays around here. Especially me. I've had mom all weekend to hang out with and today she has to go back to her JOB. Mom actually may feel as bad as me. Actually I think she feels a little guilty about leaving us sometimes. She said this was our "Guilty Treat":

COOL! Beef knees for me & Paris and "senior sticks" for Lilliana.


We really didn't do much this weekend. It was either super humid or rainy:

So mostly I just played ball,

Looked for buried treasure,

or fought with Sissy,

I guess I better go. Beef knees are calling my name!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mack T. Beans, official toy tester

I don't think this poor gal is Boston proof!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cousin Sheila

G'day Mate! This post is all about my cousin Sheila Matilda Merle. She's my walking buddy. She is a down-under dog ( an Australia Shepherd). Isn't she pretty?

You can't see it in these pictures, but Sheila has the bluest eyes! She is a red Merle and is 6 years old.

Mom and I go over to Sheila & Katie's & Gwamma's house and then go for our walkie. When she sees me and mom come in the front door she gets so excited and hyper! She knows we're there to do walkies - and that girl is a serious walker!

First, though I like to have a look around Gwamma's house to see if she's left anything out that might be good to eat.

Then I like to go outside and tease the next door neighbor's pitbull and show him who's boss!

Stand back Sheila, I'll protect you!

Then it's on to the walkies. After that I am usually dog-tired (sorry) and I wanna go home and relax:

Man, this is the life!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who Do Ya Love?

Here's my mom's voice again. Lord that woman doesn't understand the meaning of "Silence is Golden".

Hey, look at this super cool award I got from Asta :

Thank you Miss Asta!!! I would like to pass it on to Gus & Louie, Baby Love, Ruby , & Petra


(Thank God Monday is over)~!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Name Says It All

Sisters! Yuck!

Mine certainly lives up to her name!!

She's tall, skinny, BLONDE, doesn't wear undies, has beaucoups of boyfriends. Why can't I have a sweet calm sister like Louie? Please, I'm beggin you guy let's trade okay???

Mango, I'll trade you Dexter for blondie. What'd ya say??

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I hope everyone has a great Easter Sunday!!

Mack the Easter Bunny
Myspace Glitter Graphics

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Scoop on Lilly

Hola Amigos! Lilliana here and I want to give you some backgrounds on me okay? I was so inspired by that hot tamale stud boy Joe Stains ' latest post I thought I might divulge a little bit about myself okay? Warning this post is rated PG-13, cause my past life is rated R! Okay?

First I'll start with Madre y Padre. My mama was a saint. She worked at a local nursing home in Tiajuana as the head nurse. Just look at her. You can see love in those eyes:

And mi pappa was a very handsome older gentleman when he met mamma:

And of course it was love at first sight when they first met. They married and had their first and only litter, which included me and my littermates. Life was hard, but there was always kibble on the table and enough cuz toys for everyone at Christmas.

I married young. Bad, bad mistake. He was a lazy no-good bum. We had 28 kids (all girls) and then we separated. I had to support my small family some way, so I decided to become a showgirl. Here's me in the earlier days:

I met a man who came into the club and he swept me off my paws. We had a quickie wedding in Saltillo and the honeymoon was over almost before it started. I came home one day and caught him with a CAT. I won't go into graphic detail about what happened next, but Hector Gonzales is no more and I did hard time back in Tiajuana.

When I got out of prison I was sent to a half-way house in Texas. A woman and her niece were volunteering there and took pity on me and decided to foster me. I think people must have been beating down their door or something to adopt me; momma Amy then realized what I prize I was and kept me.

(Editor's note: Lilly's mom here. That half-way house was the SPCA and nobody would adopt Lilly because of her temperment)

Ok mom watch it. Anyway, I am happy at last and love my Mom and Dad! However B*&%^d boy and S&$t girl I can do without.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Strange and Unusual

Today was a little odd. It started off with me, mom, Lilly & Paris in the back yard just chillin'. Nothing unusual about that. But then we heard this loud crash. A humongulus branch had fallen and mom says thank goodness it missed the roof, I say thank goodness it missed my head:

Then later in the day I saw one of these for the first time ever:

Mom says it was a mouz. Man I wanted to taste him! I ran like the dickens after him, but he was too fast for me, dang it! He ran into the neighbors yard and that was the last I saw of him. What a bummer. Come back little mouzy!

And then mom comes in and reads her emails and guess what?? I am an internet supastah!

Check this out:

Thanks, Blue for letting us know!

Other than that it's business as usual!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Time to Pawty!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

May you find at least one four-leaf clover today!!

And of course have just a little ale. This is my favorite:

None other than that great Bostonian, Samual Adams!

Lilly prefers something from south of the border:

And her majesty prefers something a little bubbly:

Today everybody is Irish!

Time to Pawty!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why am I called Snorty Britches?

Nothing much happening today. It is really getting warm here so we played a little outside then mom told us to come on in and look at the treat we got:

Bully sticks. Yay!! Even Lilly got a little piece that fell off of Paris' munchy!

And of course had to play some glow ball. My mom is talking and talking in this video:

How is your Saturday going?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I didn't do it! I promise!

Could a face this innocent be responsible for such an act?

It was Lilly!!!

Editor's Note: Mom here. It was Mack. It's always Mack.

I found the squeaker two rooms away:

Mom, you know you love me! Can I have a dried liver treat now?


I guess I like Paris after all. At least she is good for body heat!

I don't know about Lilly though - she was being unsociable last night:

Nobody really knows about Lilly though!!

Thought for the day: MONDAY'S OVER!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Star Amongst Us

How do you like my new collar??

If you know of any pooch who needs a Texas style collar, head on over to Lone Star Pet Gear and tell 'em Mack sent you!

Guess what -- there is a Music SupahStar here on DWB! Mom was pulling out my CD's and look who's on the cover:

Is it really you Bella??? I know you are a career woman and all, but I didn't know you also had a SINGING career!

Not much else going on here. I' ll end with some Paris pics: (at the request of a certain large fellow named Mango!)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

This is Too Good To Be True!


You will never guess what happened when mom came home today for lunch....


Here's a hint who its from: (Think about this being her as a puppy with her bubba):

Yes, that's right it is from the beautiful Lola!!

Wow - thank you ma'am!! You really know how to brighten up a guys day!!

Just look at all this:

That stuffy actually makes kissing sounds! Oh yeah!
Here's a picture of old Paris trying to steal it from me:
I told her in no uncertain terms that this belongs to Mack T. Beans, not Paris Blondbutt.

Ok, I got it back. Those lips were meant for moi ! Lola doesn't want to kiss a mean old cocker spaniel mess. Dang!

No, you weren't hallucinating. It's a big ol jar of freeze dried Venison liver. Have I died and gone to Heaven? I guess not, there's Lilly over there beggin for some

And it doesn't stop there, no way Jose:

This is a football, from KONG!! That's a picture of me being greedy. heehee

Below is me with Barnaby. He's a Green Gecko. His life span might be limited by my pit bull-like jaws. Here I am giving the stink-eye to Momma. Mom, don't you try to take him away. Barnaby is MINE! Lola, how did you know I love reptiles of all kinds?

And now I have two words for you. Bully Sticks. Need I say more?

Lola also sent me all kinds of delicious meaty wonderful, slobber-inducing treats:

And here is le piece de resistanc:

No, not Lilly's stanky ear, I'm talking about a Zany fun ball. Man I love balls.
Here's me welcoming it to the family:
Ok, I need some alone time to bond with it:

Lola, words can't express how much I appreciate this!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!