Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Texan Spoken Here

But with a Boston Accent!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008


So mom FINALLY decided what she was gonna get from the Punk Rock Dogg :

Here it is:

Remember when I told you I originally wanted this tag to match my collar:

Well, there was an "incident" with the collar:

I did it and I'm proud of it!! hahahahaha

Hey, if I didn't chew I wouldn't be a Boston, right??????

Honestly, Mom was more mad at herself for leaving it where little old me could get to it.

SWEEEEEET!!!! Got away with another one!!!

I told mom I wanted to get a skull and cross bones collar to go with my cool tattoo tag. She said ONLY if Lupine makes them 'cause she is tired of wasting money on collars and their's are guaranteed even if they get chewed up! Hopefully Lupine won't go outta business because of me.

And mom wanted me to tell you that they are gonna personalize my tag for free!!!! Here's what I wanted it to say:

"If found, please return me to my rightful owner, Mrs. Amy.
I know it is very tempting to want to keep me, but please don't.
You see, my dear old mom would be heart broken, 'cause I am
the light of her world. As you can see I am sooo handsome, loving
and an all around fantastic animal, but please return me, OK?"

Mom laughed and said something under her breath and then said
"no". So all it's gonna say is the usual; name, address, yadda, yadda.

Also, mom ordered me a stuffy WITHOUT A SQUEAKER!! (From Murphy's store) Mom has been looking high and low for toys without squeakers. Sweet!

In other news, Paris Rain has a new admirer who has asked me to post some glamour girl pics of her.

I don't know about glamorous, but here are some pics:

(Please excuse Lilly's dog butt)

This is an older pic.

Another older one (When she had hair)

Notice the handsome jowls in the background

And lastly, this one was taken yesterday.

I can't let another sissy steal my thunder again, so here's me about 10 collars ago:

See ya!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Rarity

Well the weather here is absolutely brilliant. And mom says this happens so rarely in our part of Texas we have to take advantage of it when it happens.

Today I have been outside chasing bubbles:

Playing with my racquetball:

Playing with my red ball:

And just generally looking handsome in the sunshine!

Mom wanted me to show you this neat contraption she got for us:

It is called a "Water Dog" and it has a sensor that when it sees us go by, it spits out water!

None of us like to drink directly from it, so mom has a bowl underneath. We love our fresh water!!

Oh look what we got Friday. It was a letter from Wales!:

It was a Valentine from Weeny & Daisy !! Thanks guys!!

Speaking of V-Day, I have been thoroughly enjoying all my other cards (still!) and my presents from Ruby:

Those strawberry stuffies were so much fun!

Well all that playing outside and de-stuffing toys has left me utterly exhausted. Time for a nappy-poo!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Jowlurday

This picture is dedicated to my pal Lola. She is always saying that I have lovely jowls. I think she's right. You be the judge:

Lola, hope you are feeling better!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bore Dumb

Well it's been raining down here in Texas and there is nothing to do but nap!

And Lilly is mad at me cause I never let her post on my bloggy. Her vocabulary mainly consists of four letter words which are not suitable for the whole family, so I have no choice but to ban her. But I will post these pictures:

Yeah, she is pretty and all, but between her language and that breath of hers, sometimes she drives me crazy!

Any advice on how to treat an annoying sibling? Cause mom gets mad when I do this to her:

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This and That

Well I'm sure by now you've heard the pawsome news: Baby is back!!

And the wedding is on again! YES!

Also, my good Boston pal, Rocky, is feeling much better!

Does it get much better than this????!

Welllllllllllllll, let me tell you this tidbit of info - somebody has won a pin-up contest!(actually third place)! Who?? MACK THUNDER BEANS that's who!!

Check this out at Murphy's Dogg Blogg!!!

I was compared to a young Marlon Brandon.!!! My dad said I remind him a great deal of a much older, chubbier Brando, but he's just jealous.

This is all the loot I won:

My dad is loving that calendar!!

I can't decide on what to use my coupon for. Will you guys help me??
It's either the Biohazard T-shirt:

The engravable dog tag (which totally matches my collar):

Or this scary looking cheese toy:

Mom is kinda leaning towards the biohazard shirt, just cause it reminds her of my farts.

Take a look at all the other cool things at Murphy's web store.

ALSO, I won this super cool award from my good little friend Happy:

Thank you Happy!!!


And of COURSE I have to pass it on to Tad, for obvious reasons!

And I would like to pass it on to my beautiful girlfriend, Ruby, (whom I share with Stanley) and also to Martha.

Oh and remember me writing in my list of 7 weird facts about me that I don't like to cuddle??
Here's proof:

You'd think by now Dad would know better!

Here's a better pic of me (more handsome, less angry):

And here's a picture of me blowing a kiss to Ruby:

Talk to ya later!

Friday, February 15, 2008

It must be love!!

Well Ruby said YES!!! To me AND Stanny!! That's okay - I'm good with sharing as long as it's not my toys!

Speaking of toys, I didn't know Christmas came TWICE a year!!?? You see when mom got home from work a package arrived FOR ME!!

Guess who it was from? My Valentine!! You won't believe all the goodness that was in it!!


You see, there weren't just pressies for me, but for everybody in our house! Aint' love grand!?
Even Mom & Dad got some pressies! Mom loves all things BT, so this was the perfect gift for her:

And just look at all these toys!
Here's Lilly's toy from my sweety! But what Lilly said wasn't so sweet - I can't repeat all of it, but basically she said "no &^%$(*& Boston or Cocker (*&^% better lay one &^$# paw on my toy! &^%$ it!

But as usual I don't let her fowl mouth bother me - as you can see below:

I am not afraid of a 8000 year old Chihuahua. Dang!

This pressie was just for Paris, but man did I want it:

And look at this picture frame with the most beautiful Pupgirl's picture in it!
I shall cherish it forever!
And I LUV strawberries:
How did my Ruby know?

Mom said I had to wait till tomorrow, but man I sure did want it:


Mom said we had to wait and have it as our bedtime snackie, but man, I wanted a piece now:

Yay!!! Mom gave in and let me have a little taste:
That rocked like nobody's business!!

And I have wanted one of these things for AGES:

I stole it before mom had a chance to tell me its for later on!:

Even the cat got something! Ruby must be an ANGEL to send a present to an old kitty:

Ming's spent the last 45 minutes carrying that thing around like she caught it herself!

Ruby, thank you again! What I got you pales in comparison....but remember you have a birthday coming up in April!!

Hope every body had a great Valentine's Day!!!