Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Momma's little turkey
From Momma's little turkey!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We're still alive!!

Hello everybody!! Not a whole lot going on our way. My mom is sortof stressed out from her job and says she is soooo tired when she comes in all she wants to do is lie on the couch and watch TV! But really I'm not complaining 'cause I have been getting lots more back and tummy rubs this way. Same goes for my sissies.

But one good thing happened---


He got back from Baltimore last Friday and he still has a little jet lag. We think that's great too cause he has been falling asleep on the couch!

Look at Paris - I guess she can't find a spot- HEEHEE!I guess I better go - I think Dad is settling in for a nap!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Belly spots and some cocker mess!

Do you like my belly spots!! Here I was really in the mood for a tummy rubdown:

Hey wait a minute...what's that noise....OH NO...It's that messy cocker spaniel......

Trying to get mom to pet on her instead of me!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh - why can't I be an only child??

Monday, November 10, 2008

$2 Worth of Fun!

Mom went to the pet store and found these Howl-o-ween stuffies for a dollar each.
5 minutes of pure, wonderful destruction!

Our dad is on a business trip and will be gone TWO WEEKS! Dad - if you are reading this - we miss you!!! And yes, of course, we are being good!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Hello everybody!!

Paris Rain here!!

Today I am officially two years old! I got the SWEETEST package from my boyfriend Stanislaw.

The first thing I saw was this oh-so-handsome photo. I had to lick it all over!Lilly was all like "OMD, he is one hot tamale!"

Do you see my charm? It is the EIFFEL TOWER! in PARIS!Stani is just the best shopper ever!

And look at these stuffies: (The card says I can share the BULLY STICKS!) (But I'm not)

Stani think's I am his yellow rose of Texas!And look at this!! This is my own personal cell phone. Stani had already programmed his number in there. Here I am calling him to thank him for the wonderful goodies!

I am having the bestest birthday thanks to the bestest cocker boy in all the world!