Monday, December 12, 2011

We're Fine!!

Thanks to all my buddies out there who have e-mailed mom asking where the heck we've been (and if we're okay)!!
Everything's good, mom is just taking a break from bloggin right now.

We hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season!!!

Mack, Paris and Tia Lilly

Sunday, October 16, 2011

An Only Child .....For a Day

Hola! Tia Lilly here. I have to tell you about what a wonderful fantastic day yesterday was. Mack and Paris went to the spa and I had my mom to myself for the whole day! (Well till 2 PM anyway).
It was totally awesome! First up Mom let me help her with her lunch:
I was happy to help moma!
Whoaa--that is a huge piece of cheese -- but I can handle it though.
I got a whole eighth of a hard boiled egg white. A whole eighth!!

Even the birdy was enjoying the other doggies being gone!!

Mom and I took a nap after lunch, then after that I protected her from the evil people who came to clean the A/C.

2 O'clock came pretty fast. But just making fun of Paris' new haircut made it all better!
She went and hid under the covers!!!!

But Mack didn't change much....
He's still the messiest mess ever !

PS: Feliz Cumpleanos Mamma!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Need Your Opinion

.....about a very important subject matter. My hair. Do you think I should keep it long and flowing and sexy and gorgeous like this? Mom is threatening to take me to the groomers and I just don't see the point. So what do you think?

PS: My sources tell me Tia Lilly is "working" on another "totally make-believe" story. I'm counting the seconds (not).

Cocker kisses!!
Paris Rain

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bed Time Stories With Tia Lilly

Good evening my sleepy time amigos! Tia Lilly here. I hope you enjoy tonight's story.

Our characters tonight are a set of sibling ne’r do wells who were spoiled rotten by their momma, while their beautiful senior citizen aunt (who took care of them wholly) was left to fend for herself.

Our tail starts off with the evil Max, a slow witted boy who was handed everything in life on a silver platter. He and his ditzy sister Maris entered a contest where the participants guessed how many Milky Bones were in a hoooge jar. The winner got to take the jar of MB’s home. Well, fat boy, I mean Max was so over fed he couldn’t waddle himself down to the local petstore to count the bones! So he got his ex-convict sister Maris to go down to the place and steal the jar so she could bring it back home and they could take as long as they wanted to count the bones. They promised each other they would return the Milky Bone jar just as soon as they were confident they had that magic number. Well, their clever aunty, Tia Rosalita, overheard them and called the police just as fast as her itty bitty feet could take her to the phone. The cops came to their house and gave them a good talking to. Blockhead boy and Airhead girl both starting crying and ran to their momma and the beautiful aunty had a great big old laugh!! Ha ha ha ha!!

So children, the moral of the story is : when you are planning a crime, ALWAYS do it in secrecy. Sleep good ninos!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's All About Me

....this post is anyway!!

Here's a couple of videos mom took when she came home from work this afternoon. Please forgive the mess. She's a very messy person.

The first one is mom trying to give me sugars. I'm like lady don't you know I only let the ladies kiss me? Geesh....

Secondly here's me trying to catch those pesky RLB's (Red Light Bugs):

Have a great night!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Did you Forget About Us??

I sure hope not!!! Mom has just been so "busy" with her hummingbirds and cardinals and nonsense like that. She is really getting very lax about my blog. NOT GOOD! So please forgive me if we have been MIA, it is all mom's fault. Anyhoo, things are about the same here. I went to my eye specialist last week and he said my eye was looking real good, and I don't have to go back for another six months! Woot! Oh yeah, I really have to APOLOGIZE for the mishap at the Boston Butt club last week. I had NO idea Lilly would show up with some Mexican fireworks which are completely BANNED during our awful drought! I promise I will reimburse all bail monies!! Geesh Lilly!

Speaking of the devil, mom took some videos of Miss Thing #1. We want to ask you: Is this anyway a dignified 19 year old acts????

And Thing #2?? We all know she is not an adorable cuddle bunny, but a closet Rage Monkey!

Don't worry - pics of me coming up soon!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


First off a great big huge THANK YOU is in order to everybody that pawticipated in my comment-a-thon. You are awesome!
And secondly, ladies, please there is enough of the Mackman to go around. Flattery will get you nowhere - but I do hope you'll keep trying!
And thirdly a special shout out goes to my special fraulein -- you know who you are!
Hint: Heart Butt

Also, I would like to keep you abreast of all the upcoming excitement happening in the near future over at Mack's Mess.

It's gonna be a whopper of a Fall (granted we don't get any hurrycanes).

Next Sunday night I will be hosting the first Boston Butt club. We will discuss the joys of being a BT and also the downside to being so precious. We will have a fashion show for the ladies, hosted by Kitty, and for the guys we will have a raffle for a weather resistant polyurethane fire hydrant.
You do NOT have to be a BT to attend! (But everyone must sign a waiver that releases me from all damages caused by any BT zoomies that may occur)

Then, in a couple of weeks Lilly will be performing at the Tropicana Supper Club.

You won't want to miss this!! Tickets are just .... well they're probably gonna be free.

In October Lilly's brother-in-law Victor (below) will be visiting. Join us as we celebrate their happy reunion - they haven't seen each other in 107 years!

And lastly, Paris Rain will be opening up a charm school/fish restaurant. (If the bank says yes). Send your unruly teenager to Paris Rain and she will come home a southern belle and wonderful fry cook.

So stay tuned!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Putting (some cheddar) on the Ritz !!

Is this awesome, or what!!! The wonderful artists over at SAS made this for me! I think it goes PAWFECT with my perma-tux. Whaddya think?In honor of their sweet momma, we are holding a comment-a-thon, so every pup, kitteh, etc etc that posts a comment ( to say how handsome I look), our mom will donate 25 cents to their cause!! Oh and PWEESE have all your friends come visit me too!! WoOt!

Now could you gimme some cheese on that Ritz, please!!!?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Too Hot fer Anything!

We've mainly been doing this:

Cause this weather is totally OUT OF CONTROL and setting records back 100 years!
So we mainly rest and eat and poop and enjoy the A/C.

The pic above is an oldie but goodie. We just sent it in to the White Dog Army, in support of their 2 Million PuppyUp Canine Cancer Walk. If you've never visited the WDA, their site is AWESOME! Go say hi and tell em Mackypoo sent ya.

In other news, mom saw this and kept saying the word "preshuz":

Ok, baby Big-Belly is cute, but does it even come near the oooh and aaah invoking of this:

(The correct answer is NO)

Have a great Wednesday!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lunch Time Snackies

When mom comes home for lunch we usually get a lame little snacky, or maybe half a bite of her lunch, but imagine our surprise yesterday when we all got some of this:

I'm famished mom, gimme some a dat yogie!

Hits the spot.

Lilly has been known to do a little dance when there's food in front of her.

We could almost hear her purring.

Paris said she wants to eat al fresco.

She gobbles it down.

That piece tried to jump ship! Get back here you delicious mid-day snacky!

Has anybody had any extra delicious nommies this week???

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tired Cocker Tuesday

Think I'll sleep in today - pretty much like every day! BOL!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Guess What's on My Butt

If you guessed apple crisp you were right!! See I love love love to help mom in the kitchen. Yesterday she fixed an apple crisp in the slow cooker and I was just at the right place at the right time when some fell on me. Since I can't reach my back that far down, Paris & Lilly had quite the treat!

Man, all this helping is exhaustimicating!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shoe-be-do-be-do Sunday

Sheesh - what it is with humans and their footwear?

PS: THANK YOU to all who asked about my eyebally. So far it is doing great !!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dog Show Stuff

Mom and Dad went to the doggy show and look at all the critters they saw:
This big guy had a big ouchie.

This guy was just BIG~

Mom fell in love with her freckles

Punk poodle

My mom really wanted to take these two golden girls home

He was having trouble getting on this exercise ball. I gave him Mango and Dex's number.

Well looky looky what they brought home! I'm always a little jealous of the pics I find on mom's camera, but so HAPPY about dem treats they bring us!

But you know what? Sometimes the best pressie's of all are homemade:

Paris wanted me to let you know she is BALD again! I made nice work of the feather, huh?!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Eyebally Update

Hey everybody! Mackypoo here. The doc says I don't have to have another follow-up for my eye till September!! WoooOOoooOoOT!

He says the ulcer is healing pretty good, but I'll probably have to have eye drops the rest of my life cause I have a major case of the dry eye!! And he thinks that's what caused the ulcer thingy.
I don't mind the drops because I know mom always gives me a treat right after. Not bad, right?

THANKS everypup so much for all your prayers and healing sugars you sent our way - cause they helped. You're PAWSOME!

Friday, July 8, 2011

She's Got the Moves!

My mom found this on YouTube. This girl has some rhythm!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not So Bad

Having this messed up eye is not all bad. Having mom put these in my eyes every few hours is pretty awful,

and those pills there on the left are the absolute nastiest tasting things on earth. But mom feels sorry for me and bought all this stuff:

Those Vienna sausages are the best thing I have ever had! When mom "hides" my yucky pain pill in em, I gulp it down! I highly recommend them for taking pills or just fine dining. And baby food and Frosty Paws? Need I say more?!

And she doesn't want me to lose my buff figure, so we have been doing walkies again! We have to go real early, or the weather is unbearable. Here I am on my favorite part of the walk: the sewer! It has so many great smells and stuff. Mom can hardly pull me away most of the time, but today I am being "good".:

Well, maybe I'm distracted cause I see my smokin' hot neighbor.
Here I am inviting her over for some chowda and Sam Adams later this afternoon:

She said she had to wash her hair. Oh well.

Anyhoo, mom wants to send a HUGE THANK YOU to everybody who sent us suggestions as to an E-collar and all the wonderful well-wishes. Mom went ahead and got the Comfy collar. But you know what? I have been SO GOOD we haven't had to use it yet!! Mom says it's my pain meds that are making me so sleepy that my eye doesn't bother me.
Whatever. Just keep the Vienna sausages comin woman.

And we hope everybody has a wonderful 4th of July (No matter where you live!)
We won't be doing anything out of the ordinary.
Lilly will be sitting by the window, with her case of Dos Equis, cursing at the neighbor kids passing by.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Vibes Needed Pwease!

Hi everybody. Well my wonky eye is not healing like it should so mom took me to an eye specialist today. I need all the good vibes, prayers, purrayers, and healing sugars you can send! They will be very much appreciated!
Doc said it WASN'T my fault (hear that mom?) that I have an ulcer on my cornea. He said my tear ducts are wonkified. That's the medical term. Anyhoo he gave me three different eye drops and one bottle of pain pills, which taste TERRIBLE! I hope I will be getting some ice cream to chase that sucker down.
Mom wanted me to ask you what kind of E-collar do you recommend. I am guilty of rubbing my eyes a little and the doctor said that was a big no-no.

So we go back to see Dr Swanson in a week. He's an okay guy, but I prefer not to be poked and prodded thank you very much.

In much, much happier news look see what we WON:

It was from Charlie's Raffle and we were so surprised when it came in the mail! We didn't even know we had won! Thank you so much Mollie Jo and BoBo. It is beautiful!

And can you tell what's on our table in the pic below:

Can you tell now?:
YES! Cheeseburgers! And we're doing it for Joe Stains, and Tanner and Steeeeeeve!! All in their honor.

Oh, and mom's been threatening me when my eye ordeal is over she's gonna start taking me to classes at PetSmart! It's like manners 101 for pooches. Like I need that.
She says I need the exercise and socialization and stuff. I get all the exercise I need stirring up dirt in the yard after I do #2.

Well, that's all from the Mackman for now!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can I Be Your Lady Mango?

Paris Rain here! I bet you thought that was Mack! BOL!

Mango, I would SO love to be your date! You are one dreamy fellow.

I sure do hope you like this video I made just for you. PS: I don't have fleas.

If that didn't sway you in my direction, let me tell you a few things about me you might find very interesting:

1. I like to eat poo.

2. My tail looks like a fuzzy hot dog (per Mack).

3. I met my mom at the local PetSmart Cocker adoptathon. It was love at first sight. (for her)

4. Sometimes my dad says I smell like a musty rug

5. I like to rub my butt all over the floor

6. # 4 & #5 means it's time to go to the groomers - which I love.

7. I am long and lean.

8. And blonde

So whaddya say Big Boy?

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Eye's Gone all Wonky!

How was everybody's weekend? Mine was horrible. First thing Saturday morning mom gets my harness on me and I'm all excited and everything and thinking I'm gonna get to go the bark park without Paris. Wrong. We went to the V-E-T. At least this one's not evil like my last one. Anyway, mom's been noticing me pawing at my eye and closing it a lot. Come to find out I have an ulcer in my right eye! Lordy! So the doctor gave mom two tubes of oinkment and made another appointment with the vet for this Thursday to check on my wonky eye.

It only gets worse from there. While we were at said vet, the tech just happened to mention she had a boxful of boxer puppies in the back. She offered to bring them up front so mom could see them. Lady! Now all mom is talking about is how much she wants a boxer and how cute they were. All the while I am standing on the ground waiting to go home, with a HUGE labramess right beside, looking at me like I was his brunch!

Well, my story doesn't end there. You know who else has a wonky eye? Paris Rain! She got hers before she came to live with us. Hers is permanent and required surgery. Seems like an evil kitteh scratched her eyeball. She better not start calling me a copy cat or anything!

(Mom says it's kinda hard to get a good pic of Paris' wonky eye. It's her left one. At least mine is my right)

Not done yet!

The 'rents went out for Chinese yesterday and look what mom's fortune was:

So I guess this means this whole week's gonna be about eye medication, cuddles, kisses and another trip to the vet.

Wake me up when it's over!