Monday, May 30, 2011


Happy Memorial Day everybody! Today we are playing along with Sarge, and we have our peeps-on-parade!

Our peeps are total animal lovers! (Thank dog). Mom has had a Rottweiler, Australian Shepherd, mixed cocker, and dad has had Juanita (our cockatoo) for almost 13 years now! Mom had a pair of sugar gliders who had 4 babies. Cool huh? Mom has also had an Oriental Shorthair and Siamese. I'm probably the best of her pets, wouldn't you agree?

Currently on her want list is:
1. Doberman Pinscher
2. Boxer
3. Siamese or Sphynx (I'm really rootin for this one!)
4. Every other breed (feline/canine) out there

Here's a pic of our mom and dad when they got married 14 years ago. Somebody had the right idea about wedding presents!

Mom saw this at church yesterday and thought you might enjoy it: (You may have to biggify it):

THANK YOU to our soldiers!!!

And here's a mini-contest for you guys today.

Who-ever can guess first where my name came from (MACK), mom will donate $$ to ASPCA Flood victims in their name. Khyra, we know you know this one!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


First - We just heard the terrible news about one of our oldest and dearest Collie friends - the Key West Collies Deacon has crossed the bridge, quite unexpectedly. We are still in shock by the news. Please go and give them your support and love.

And is it just us, or is Blogger being the biggest brat ever? We couldn't comment, post or in some cases even GET to your bloggies this week. It hasn't been much better this morning either.

No big news from us. Just wanted to check in with my buds. I guess the biggest news this week was that I got a super cool toy. I love anything with that rubbery, slick feel.

Mom, gimme.

Paris found my new bone and started thrashing about on it. The nerve.

And in other big news mom found a flea on Tia Lilly. Can you believe they put a cocker mess on the meds???

Ok, gotta go, it's time for my first NOTD. (Nap of the day).

Just me and Mr. Slicky.

This post is dedicated to the Key West Collies.

"It's not goodbye, it's see you again Deacon!"

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What a Week - Whew! Glad It's Almost Over!

Did everybody survive Friday the 13th ok??? Well, mine was BAD because I had to go to the Vet!!
Turns out I have a yeaster infection in my ears! But much less than Paris had, and my ears are cuter anyway.
Ok moving on, I dodge a BULLET last Saturday. Mom came home from "shopping" with these pics on her phone:

When I confronted her, she said she was looking at them for a "friend". That's what they all say.
Then, mom started fussing at me cause I just wanted to say hi to Juana.
What's up with that?

THEN, last night mom decided Mr. Stinky needed to be washed

So I was forced to sleep like this:
It gets worse.
This morning mom brings out this scawy thing:

(The mop, not Tia Lilly)
She says we make the floor disgusting and she needs to steam clean it at least every other day.

And of course, Lilly still thinks she's La Reyna:

What's a guy to do?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Word Wednesday

She doesn't even want that lemon slice - she just doesn't want ME to have it!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

We're Still Alive

...Our mom is just super lazy and her nasty old job has made her a real grouch pot lately.
And she has gone NUTS over planting stinky flowers and watching the birdies feast in our yard.

That's me looking up at a Herron that takes up residence in our big old oak tree. Mom says he has stinkier poos than me! Ha!

And she has gone simply batty over these little bitty messes:
She saw the first one of the season at a feeder in the front yard and you would have thought by the sound she made, she won the lottery. Nope, just a little bird.

So think of me when your peeps take you for a walk, or to the bark park, or the beach or update your bloggy more than twice a year, ok? Any one interested in adopting the world's sweetest, cuddliest BT???