Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am REALLY In Trouble...

Oh yeah. Big time.

My mom forgave my pooping on the living room floor. But she has yet to forgive me for what I did the other day. I admit...I was bad. I couldn't control myself. It would be too much to ask of any dog.

Here's what happened:

My dad's cockatoo, Juanita, was dancing around in her cage and either fell off a perch or decided she wanted to fly smack dab into Mackyland. Well of course I had to lunge at her. And I just could not help myself - I bit her!

My mom and dad were all yelling and stuff and screaming and I released her right away - no harm done! She was perfectly okay but mom and dad were all hysterical and took her in another room to look at her and make sure she was okay. And of course she was. I didn't break the skin or anything like that - sheesh.

They took Juana to the vet and she was perfectly A-okay. So I should be forgiven, right??

Well no way. Get this - I AM BANNED FROM THE COMPUTER FOR A WEEK! Dang!

So please be warned - there is no telling what the "others" will write or say or what pictures they will post. This is just so unfair.

I'm gonna miss you guys!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hi guys. Mack here. Nothing much going on except we three dogs and mom (!) have been sneezing non-stop. Something must be in the air. We poochies have been scratching up a storm too! Mom called the vet and she said to give us Benadryl; it works a little bit I guess. What do you guys do for sneezies and scratchies??

Mom is threatening to take us to the vet so I am praying this little episode passes fast!!

We do that reverse sneezing thing which kinda scares our mom cause it sounds like we are having an asthma attack but the vet said it is not dangerous.

Oh and to top it all off we each had an oatmeal bath last night! But we got a chicken jerky treat (AKA: puppy crack per my Ruby!) afterward so all's good.

Here's me after a sneeze attack- see my buggars?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

CheeseWhiz Part 1

My good BT buddy Murphy posted on his blog last (?) week about some cheesy 80's videos his mom really loves. Well if you're talking cheesy and you're talking 80's you are talking about my mom!! She loves just about anything 80's.
Here is one of her fave videos from way back when.

She is also loves this one:

This is what I think about them:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We're not Worthy! We're not worthyyyyyy!

We have so many wonderful friends out there in blogland. We were given the following awards which we do not deserve!!:

Thank you Mona & the Mommy!! We hope Momma is feeling better today.

I would like to pass this on to my sweet wonderful girlfriend, Ruby Bleu, AKA Ruby Bleuski, The Rubinator, the Rubinatrix and last but not least, owner/pilot/CEO of Aire Ruby.

I would also like to pass it on to Callie the baby girl red heeler. I hope it cheers her up. She's got an ouchie but it is heeling nicely. Thank dogness.

Paris says she would like to pass it on to her boyfriend Stani and Big pupi too! And she said to "be sure and tell StanMan kisses, kisses, kisses" (Oh the things I do for my little sister....)

Then we got this cute little statue for our fireplace (if we had a fireplace):

THANKS so much Stanislaw , Charlie, and Petra!

We really love your bloggies too!

We would like to pass it on to Tadpole. I hope your pancreas/small intestines is not mad at you anymore!

Stani & his bro, Big Pupi, also gave us this award:

I know a certain blonde Cocker Spaniel who sure thinks you are brilliant!

We would like to pass it on to our new friends over on Hoadley drive and also Baby Dex (AKA El Squirtino) who's leg has been bothering him, but only on days that he has to go to obedience class.

Stani also tagged us to play the cold box pic game. Here is our fridge. It has so many pics on it it's ridiculous.

Our friends, Brandy, Willow, & relentlessly huge Mango tagged us to play the name game. So here goes:

What is your name:
Mack Thunder Beans
If you could change your name, what would it be:
King Mackus the First
What is your pet's name:
You mean my Mom? Amy.
If you could change your pet's name what would it be?
Amy, the one who does not own a cocker spaniel or a chihooahooa mix
What is your brother or sisters name?
I only know my half-sister. Her name is Storm
If you could change their name what would it be?
Storm is okay by me.

We love you guys!! Thanks so much for the awards and tags!!

My sissy Ming wanted me to post her pics for someone special. Here you are Shelby:

If you want a gal who can cook great Thai food and play fetch hours on end - Ming's your girl!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dog Show!

My parents went to the Houston Dog show last Friday and all I got was this stupid trachea:

Actually that wasn't even for me - It was for my Aussie cousin Sheila! I don't mind cause we three pooches got some pawsome goodies, treats and toys.

And Mom & Dad had loads of fun. Take a look:
I think these biggies were related to Mango.

This picture made me hungry for hot dogs and cokes!

Thank dogness Reliant Park was air-conditioned - this dude had some hair!

These brother & sister were going ninety to nothing!

This little guy had to have a top on his cage because he had springs in his butt!

This tall gal was looking kinda sad - she was at the Great Dane rescue booth. I sure hope she got adopted.

We missed you Mona & her Mommy!

This calm, sweet fella is a field Spaniel. SPANIEL? I know he either isn't related to Paris or won't admit to it.

I bet this guy was saying a few choice 4-letter words.

He's a bull terrier. Mom says he looked a little like me. What do you think?

Mom says this newfy was so friendly and that I could learn a lesson from him. Urg!

Noah, is that you???

Mom says this BT was in a noose because he poops on the carpet. MOTHER!

I told mom she should have visited this booth. Lilly needs some psychic help.

This black cocker wasn't Stanislaw I'm pretty sure. He was way too foofy and his hair wasn't curly!!

I want to thank everybody who has given us some super nice awards - we will post about all of them this week and also we will catch up on our tags.

See ya!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What the...

I see leashes. YES! We are probably going to the park, Sonic for some ice cream, walkies, the possibilities are endless.

Hmmm. I don't see Lilly's leash. I guess she isn't going.

Too bad, so sad. Hurry up woman I'm overdue for some adventure!

see ya Sucka!

Into the Macky Mobil we go!

Fun - straight ahead!

What the...???? OH NO - I'm gonna get my butt glands squeezed and Paris is gonna get shaved bald headed. OH CRAPS!

Life is so unfair!

Friday, July 18, 2008

We are expert beggars....

In these pics, mom is on the couch eating her lunch and we are watching her every move, drooling all the while:

Oops! I think she dropped a morsel!

Why does that dang Lilly always have to be first with the lunch hand-outs??!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lilly's turned into a Boston Terrier!!!?

And changed her name to Toby -- what's going on here?????

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Uh Oh...

Um, Mom I'm so sorry I pooped on the carpet last night....

.....and the night before that....

You know I didn't mean to....

Will you ever forgive me?

Oh and by the way I made a stinky on the patio too.

I know you love me! Right mom?