Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dog Show Stuff

Mom and Dad went to the doggy show and look at all the critters they saw:
This big guy had a big ouchie.

This guy was just BIG~

Mom fell in love with her freckles

Punk poodle

My mom really wanted to take these two golden girls home

He was having trouble getting on this exercise ball. I gave him Mango and Dex's number.

Well looky looky what they brought home! I'm always a little jealous of the pics I find on mom's camera, but so HAPPY about dem treats they bring us!

But you know what? Sometimes the best pressie's of all are homemade:

Paris wanted me to let you know she is BALD again! I made nice work of the feather, huh?!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Eyebally Update

Hey everybody! Mackypoo here. The doc says I don't have to have another follow-up for my eye till September!! WoooOOoooOoOT!

He says the ulcer is healing pretty good, but I'll probably have to have eye drops the rest of my life cause I have a major case of the dry eye!! And he thinks that's what caused the ulcer thingy.
I don't mind the drops because I know mom always gives me a treat right after. Not bad, right?

THANKS everypup so much for all your prayers and healing sugars you sent our way - cause they helped. You're PAWSOME!

Friday, July 8, 2011

She's Got the Moves!

My mom found this on YouTube. This girl has some rhythm!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not So Bad

Having this messed up eye is not all bad. Having mom put these in my eyes every few hours is pretty awful,

and those pills there on the left are the absolute nastiest tasting things on earth. But mom feels sorry for me and bought all this stuff:

Those Vienna sausages are the best thing I have ever had! When mom "hides" my yucky pain pill in em, I gulp it down! I highly recommend them for taking pills or just fine dining. And baby food and Frosty Paws? Need I say more?!

And she doesn't want me to lose my buff figure, so we have been doing walkies again! We have to go real early, or the weather is unbearable. Here I am on my favorite part of the walk: the sewer! It has so many great smells and stuff. Mom can hardly pull me away most of the time, but today I am being "good".:

Well, maybe I'm distracted cause I see my smokin' hot neighbor.
Here I am inviting her over for some chowda and Sam Adams later this afternoon:

She said she had to wash her hair. Oh well.

Anyhoo, mom wants to send a HUGE THANK YOU to everybody who sent us suggestions as to an E-collar and all the wonderful well-wishes. Mom went ahead and got the Comfy collar. But you know what? I have been SO GOOD we haven't had to use it yet!! Mom says it's my pain meds that are making me so sleepy that my eye doesn't bother me.
Whatever. Just keep the Vienna sausages comin woman.

And we hope everybody has a wonderful 4th of July (No matter where you live!)
We won't be doing anything out of the ordinary.
Lilly will be sitting by the window, with her case of Dos Equis, cursing at the neighbor kids passing by.