Tuesday, August 30, 2011


First off a great big huge THANK YOU is in order to everybody that pawticipated in my comment-a-thon. You are awesome!
And secondly, ladies, please there is enough of the Mackman to go around. Flattery will get you nowhere - but I do hope you'll keep trying!
And thirdly a special shout out goes to my special fraulein -- you know who you are!
Hint: Heart Butt

Also, I would like to keep you abreast of all the upcoming excitement happening in the near future over at Mack's Mess.

It's gonna be a whopper of a Fall (granted we don't get any hurrycanes).

Next Sunday night I will be hosting the first Boston Butt club. We will discuss the joys of being a BT and also the downside to being so precious. We will have a fashion show for the ladies, hosted by Kitty, and for the guys we will have a raffle for a weather resistant polyurethane fire hydrant.
You do NOT have to be a BT to attend! (But everyone must sign a waiver that releases me from all damages caused by any BT zoomies that may occur)

Then, in a couple of weeks Lilly will be performing at the Tropicana Supper Club.

You won't want to miss this!! Tickets are just .... well they're probably gonna be free.

In October Lilly's brother-in-law Victor (below) will be visiting. Join us as we celebrate their happy reunion - they haven't seen each other in 107 years!

And lastly, Paris Rain will be opening up a charm school/fish restaurant. (If the bank says yes). Send your unruly teenager to Paris Rain and she will come home a southern belle and wonderful fry cook.

So stay tuned!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Putting (some cheddar) on the Ritz !!

Is this awesome, or what!!! The wonderful artists over at SAS made this for me! I think it goes PAWFECT with my perma-tux. Whaddya think?In honor of their sweet momma, we are holding a comment-a-thon, so every pup, kitteh, etc etc that posts a comment ( to say how handsome I look), our mom will donate 25 cents to their cause!! Oh and PWEESE have all your friends come visit me too!! WoOt!

Now could you gimme some cheese on that Ritz, please!!!?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Too Hot fer Anything!

We've mainly been doing this:

Cause this weather is totally OUT OF CONTROL and setting records back 100 years!
So we mainly rest and eat and poop and enjoy the A/C.

The pic above is an oldie but goodie. We just sent it in to the White Dog Army, in support of their 2 Million PuppyUp Canine Cancer Walk. If you've never visited the WDA, their site is AWESOME! Go say hi and tell em Mackypoo sent ya.

In other news, mom saw this and kept saying the word "preshuz":

Ok, baby Big-Belly is cute, but does it even come near the oooh and aaah invoking of this:

(The correct answer is NO)

Have a great Wednesday!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lunch Time Snackies

When mom comes home for lunch we usually get a lame little snacky, or maybe half a bite of her lunch, but imagine our surprise yesterday when we all got some of this:

I'm famished mom, gimme some a dat yogie!

Hits the spot.

Lilly has been known to do a little dance when there's food in front of her.

We could almost hear her purring.

Paris said she wants to eat al fresco.

She gobbles it down.

That piece tried to jump ship! Get back here you delicious mid-day snacky!

Has anybody had any extra delicious nommies this week???

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tired Cocker Tuesday

Think I'll sleep in today - pretty much like every day! BOL!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Guess What's on My Butt

If you guessed apple crisp you were right!! See I love love love to help mom in the kitchen. Yesterday she fixed an apple crisp in the slow cooker and I was just at the right place at the right time when some fell on me. Since I can't reach my back that far down, Paris & Lilly had quite the treat!

Man, all this helping is exhaustimicating!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shoe-be-do-be-do Sunday

Sheesh - what it is with humans and their footwear?

PS: THANK YOU to all who asked about my eyebally. So far it is doing great !!