Thursday, April 30, 2009

Help Me Decide

Okay blogger buds. The wheely wedding of the decade is just hours away and I can't decide which one of my tuxedos to wear. Will you help me choose?

Should I choose this one: (AKA #1)

Or #2:

Or #3:

Or how about #4????

Your opinion is very important to me. Thanks!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Probably not the Best Video for a Monday Morning

In my opinion, this is the only thing Monday's are good for!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Working Extra Hard

Hello blogger pups and puppetts! Today I'm putting my business suit back on 'cause we over here in Mackypooville are on the payroll working hard, sending extra pawsitive vibes for these two beewootiful ladies:

This is Miss Dakota and she is feeling poorly with her Cushings Disease.

I know she would just love for you to come over and say hi to her.

And this lovely blonde lady is Honey.
She is battling cancer.

I just know if you went to visit her and her pawrents it would make her feel better.

And as for me, all this working has made me exhaustimicated! I think I hear my bwankies calling me!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mack T. Beans, Jr. Sales Executive

I'm a business man now!! Do you like my new suit??? But you will NEVER guess what my business is!!

Lilly has been going on for centuries about her delicious (and very hot) salsa. Well, for the past few months she & I have been in negotiations with various baby food companies (all babies love hot sauce, right?) and we have sold her recipe:

Since I have the suit and all (Mom thought my usual tuxedo would be way too dressy to wear at work) I went and applied at Eduardo's place for a part-time job and he decided to hire me!! (Paris & Lilly say they will help me with the snuggling part).

So this week we are working and snuggling and sending super positive thoughts to:

~~All the pups, kittehs, hammies, etc that have not found their furever home yet!~~

Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the winner is.....

..... Czarina's mom, Anne Kathrine!

She correctly guessed that those little muffins were really Yorkshire puddings!!

But I don't think this little guy was an ingredient:

We had some terrific guesses though!!!

Thanks everybody for playing. Anne-Kathrine, if you will email my mom a link to your favorite charity my mom will give a donation in your name! Her email is kullerd(at)cmaaccess(dot)com.

By the way, the puddings were delish and mom said so easy to make too!


Look what I found on my mom's desk:

Khyra, maybe you can get this guy to come work at your Khorner Khafe!! (If he will divulge his recipe!)

Hey and guess what!!??? I got a job!! Stay tuned tomorrow for all the details!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Dinner Contest!!

So mom made these strange looking, delicious tasting "things" for Easter that she wants you to guess what they are.

The first person to correctly identify them will win 10 pounds, err I mean 10 dollars donated to their most fave charity.

And she told me to tell you that they are not popovers.

And here's some pics of me just because.

Happy guessing!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Around The World in Food

Tonight's Episode: "Little Known Food Facts"

Chef Mackypoo here! Tonight we are gonna take a trip around the globe and discover some well hidden secrets about your favorite foods.

First stop: Italy. This is where all the world's baloney is guessed it Bologna

Next stop, one of my favorites, Salisbury steak, comes from Salzburg

And (back to Italy), did you know 100% of the world's pizza dough is made in this tower?

And the world's best canned sausages are made here:

Yep - It's Vienna!!

Okay, now to the good old U.S. of A.

Can you guess where the refried bean originated?? BEANTOWN! Yep, good old Boston Messachusetts!

Where are your favorite foods made?

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Easter Boston

Clearly the SPCA should be called.

Have A Happy Good Friday and Easter Sunday!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Ruby!

Its Rubys Birthday!
Add Glitter to your Photos


Ruby, I hope your day is wonderful, just like you!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lilly's on a Mission (Again)

First off I must apologize for Lilly's silly story on April Fools Day. That girl can spin some yarns.

The only true part was the bit about the cake. It was most awesome.
Well we came across a web site recently that (if you are a single doggie, kitty or hammie) you may be interested in. It's called Looking Fur Love with Scooby Doo. Please go here to check it out. Pay special attention to the entry about the old chi/minpin mix. It's LILLY!!!! Scooby Doo is a matchmaker extraordinaire! We are hoping he can find a suitable match for her highness.

And since I am such a good brother (and Lilly paid me $5) am I gonna post some pics of Lilly in all her glory:

And if a pretty, petite, little angel isn't enough for you, I'll sweeten the deal: SHE DOESN'T HAVE FLEAS OR RABIES!

So if you know of anyone who might be interested in Lilly go over to Mr. Doos place. Heck, if Lilly isn't your dream date (And I can't imagine why not) there are plenty of other profiles for you to see.

Okay, I gotta get back to my nap

Lilly, where's my $5?????

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Victory is Mine, Man

Tia Lilliana here.
It's only taken me two years, but I finally learned how to use the doggy door (sort of...and mi madre y padre have to be right there cheering me on).
I knew momma would not mind if I took her plastic card and got myself a cake to celebrate the occasion.

I got vanilla cake with light frosting because Paris' butt is getting kinda big. Anyway, I just wanted to celebrate my life a little. And what a perfect day to do it. Life's not been easy for me, man.
I was born in the beautiful city/state of Chihuahua many, many years ago. Times were hard growing up and me & my brother Kenny sold mi madre's postres on the side of the highway to help our parents make ends meet. We did such a good business and sold so many beet & rutabaga kolaches that there was enough money to send me to med school. It was hard I tell you. But I graduated in only 27 years. I was voted "mostly likely to grow excessive warts" by my classmates - boy they nailed that one!

Anyhoo after med school I met my 6th husband Hector and it was love at first growl. We got hitched the following May. We had many happy months together until I caught him with a cat and yes, I did spend a few years in prison because of what followed, but it taught me something. I can't remember what, but I'm sure it must've.

After I got out I went back to school to become a personal secretary. I landed a job as the executive admin assistant to the head of Chihuahua Motor Company (CMC). Well of course he fell hard for me and me for him. Remember the car that came out in the late 70's - El Bitcho -?
Well he named that after me! He was such a loving, kind man. He died 5 0r 6 years ago in a tragic accident (you probably remember seeing it on the news). He was driving his car when suddenly the engine fell out and he was hit by an oncoming 18 wheeler transporting Pepto-Bismol to the local WalMarts. We had such a hard time getting all the pink off of him.

I was so lonely I decided to adopt a family. I chose my present family because they are kind and loving people, with decent credit, and the best part is momma always leaves her purse where I can reach it. Life's pretty good now. I gotta go eat some cake

And wow them with my door opening snout.