Saturday, August 8, 2009

I have a boo-boo on my dew dew!!

YESSSSS, it's finally the weekend!

And I have been SO lovey-dovey, kissy-faced and cuddly-wuddly with mom. Basically I am the picture of innocence around here. See:

Would that face ever bite a child?? I don't think so!!!

And I have a booboo on my dew claw! Mom couldn't get a very good pic of it cause I don't want her touching it. But it sometimes bleeds and I lick it occasionally, but other that it doesn't bother me that much.

And I got an award too! (Actually Paris, Lilly & I got it) It is from that little fashionista diva-chi, CocoRue. If you haven't stop by to visit her, you really should, her bloggy is totally cool.

Thanks so much Cocorue! I want to pass it on to my sweet gal, Ruby.
Every one have a great weekend and don't bite any kids!

Oh and all mom needed for the camera was an SD reader! She is very inept at all things electronic. There are suspicious bite marks on the last one - can only mean one thing...Paris needs to be grounded now!


Josie said...

Hi Mackie!! Your dewy looks ouchy. I hope it heals ok. Yes, your face looks TOTALY innocent and gorgeous. Confession...I do not care for kids, myself. That is why my sissy(Cheddar) gets to go to the doggy expo at the county fair and I do not. I hope you and your sissies have a fantastic weekend!!!! Love, Josie

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mack!
Ouch! I hope you are not in pain!
Congratulations on your award!
Glad your camera is working again!
I hope you are having a pawesome weekend!
Kisses and hugs

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh innocent one!

That face!

Oh that face!

Sorry about the dewkhlaw thing...I think some bakhon wrapping will help!


Dory and the Mama said...

Sorry about your boo boo Mack. Claw boo boo's are the WORSE!!

Congrats on the award...hope it made you forget about the boo boo a little!


BRUTUS said...

oh, Mack - you can't fool me. I see the devil horns poking through your halo.... BOL
Bummer about the dewclaw, those darn things are nothing but trouble! Hope the boo-boo feels better soon!!

Brutus the Frenchie

Maggie and Mitch said...

We hope your dewdew feels better soon, Mack!
Congratulations on your award!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The OP Pack said...

Oh Mack, we hope your dewclaw is better. Phantom completely pulled off one of his. Mom thinks he got it caught on one of his shirts.

Congrats on your award, very sweet one, isn't it?

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Cocorue said...

hey Macky, glad you like the award and please share it with Paris & Lilly as they have been visiting me alot......

like you for calling me a diva as my mum calls me that it when i'm such a PAIN....(don't you just hate my guts - mum says "little ones should be seen and NOT heard"


Cocorue said...

ooh forgot to mention that my siggy is ALWAYS there when i start a new post......

but sometimes it's lost when mum's typing and it CANNOT be retrieved until she starts another post.....weird is our 2legger's other name bol.....

Mango said...

Ya know, those human pups can be tasty. They are all soft and tender, but try to resist.

Keep away from that boo boo or you will find yourself in a cone.


Kyla Duffy said...

Owie! My BT Bill gets dew claw ouchies too. It's my fault, of course. I need to cut his nails more but I cut one too short recently and it was the worst noise I have ever heard. I'm SO sorry, Bill!

Hey Mack, do you like to read? You and your other Boston friends might like our latest book - it's full of short stories about Boston Terriers and proceeds benefit BT rescue. It's called "Lost Souls: FOUND! Inspirational Stories About Adopted Boston Terriers." It's on Amazon.


PS: Congrats on your award!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

What an awesome award you all got. Congrads..
Sure glad you are back Mack. How could mom stay mad for very long with a face like that?
Take care of your boo-boo don't want to get it infected...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Lily and Benson said...

Hello new friend
You are a cutie. Maybe you are our cousin
Benny & Lily

Joe Stains said...

sorry to hear about your boo boo, dew claws can be a pain! glad to see you are sill ungrounded.

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh Mack...
I wish I were there to give your dew claw a kissy...I know I could make it feel all better!!! I'm so glad you are blogging again - I've missed you so much and thank you for the wonderful award!!!

Lots of Loving Licks!!!

your Ruby


When I hurt my paw, Dad made wear socks on two paws. I look kind of funny and I loose some traction on the floor, but it prevented me from licking and biting my paws.

Dog Speed


happy said...

Hi Mack, so happy you're back to blogging! You do look every bit the innocent here! Congrats on your award!

Lily and Benson said...

poor baby's boo boo
We say keep licking it and run when mom approaches
Benny & Lily

Anne-Kathrine said...

Congrats on the award!

Sorry to hear about your dew. Could you be catching it on stuff and that is what is causing the pain?

Nanuchy doesn't care for kids much either lol she might bite them too, Sonja is kinda scared of them!

happy said...

Hi Mack, thanks for sending loads of Macky healing sugars!

Brind'Amour said...

Congrats on the new award. I hope your dew claw feels better soon.


Bae Bae said...

You look so cute there. I hope your claw feels better now.

~ Bae

Petra said...

Mack is back and you're looking good! I hope your owie heals fast. You don't need to be sick now that you're ungrounded.

Moco said...

You wouldn't have taken a hunk out of the kid if he had remembered his key and went in his front door. Anything over the fence is fair game.

Life With Dogs said...

Oh Mack - didn't anyone tell you that SD cards are seriously tasty? ;)

Tee said...

Hello Mack!

A cute adorable face like that couldn't even hurt a fly! We hope your booboo is healing nicely and that your mommy's giving you the attention and care you needs!

Licks and wags

The Dog WOods Pack